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Zabi Yaqeen

Founder & President, Muuvment

Since 2014, Zabi Yaqeen’s work has been dedicated to using media and technology to raise awareness of pressing social problems and building campaigns that generate measurable impact. Prior to that, he worked for 8 years as a commercial litigator and media/tech lawyer in Toronto.

In his role at Wishing Step Pictures, Zabi produced and co-wrote the feature documentary film The Price of Cheap. The film examines the hidden lives of the forced laborers who make our clothes and follows their fight for justice against corruption, inequality, and the fashion industry. His company also co-produced When Elephants Fight, a film about the conflict minerals that drive violence and corruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In 2018, Zabi co-founded Muuvment, a platform that helps companies build and deploy sustainability programs. Muuvment is currently working on releasing a suite of innovative AI features to dramatically reduce the cost of sustainability consulting for companies.

Zabi volunteers as executive director of The Abolish Foundation, a Canadian not-for-profit focused on supporting the education of young girls and boys from extremely underprivileged backgrounds and providing prosthetics to exploited labourers injured in unsafe working conditions.