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Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

The Carlu Hotel, Toronto

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The 2022 Toronto Family Office Conference

08:00-09:00 AM Registration & Breakfast Sponsored by PearTree Canada
09:00-09:10 AM Welcome & Opening Remarks 
  Mr. Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC Finance  
  Mr. Nick Bakish, Founding Partner, Group RMC – Conference Moderator
09:10-09:50 AM The Real Estate Panel 
  Mr. Braiden Goodchild, Head of Real Estate M&A, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP – Moderator
  Mr. Steve Apostolopoulos, Managing Partner, Triple Group of Companies (TGC)
  Mr. Matthew Fishman, Executive Vice President, Roy-L Capital Corporation
  Mr. Vikram Rajagopalan, Executive Managing Director, Global Head of Capital Raising, Trez Capital
  Mr. Hooman Tabesh, Founder & CEO, Alliance REIT
  The real estate panel will discuss emerging trends impacting the industry, implications of COVID and geopolitical events on the sector, and investment considerations applicable Toronto and the GTA. The panel will also open the floor to questions from the audience.
09:50 – 10:10 AM The Future of Greater Toronto Area Real Estate
  Mr. Hunter Milborne, Founder & CEO, Milborne Group
  This lecture will focus on residential and mixed-use development opportunities, land equity, and prop tech opportunities.
10:10 – 10:30 AM Inflation, Interest Rate Hikes, and Geo-Political Risks – and How Investors can Profit from Them
  Mr. Elie Nour, Founder& CEO, Nour Private Wealth (NPW)
  How to navigate an elevated inflation environment, especially with the recent developments in Europe coupled with the ongoing supply constraints, strong demand, and labour shortages?Interest Rate Hikes: “It’s not the first hike you have to worry about, it’s the last.” What tactical changes to portfolios are needed in a rising rate cycle? What parallels can we draw from the humanitarian crisis we are dealing with in Ukraine to previous geopolitical risks?
10:30 – 10:40 AM Boring is the New Black: Creating Stable Returns in an Unstable Environment
  Mr. Noah Mintz, Managing Director & Principal, Vector Financial
  This Presentation will focus on investing in a private mortgage fund with consistent cash flow vs. more volatile investments.  It will also discuss the benefits of a focused, niche product and investing in tangible assets and investing strictly in what you know and where you know.
10:40 – 10:50 AM A Score To Settle – Behind the Scenes with Credit Bureau 2.0 and its Award Winning, ESG-Forward Mission that Rights a $Multi-Trillion Wrong
  Mr. Evan Chrapko, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Trust Science
  This lecture will cover “credit invisibles” or “hidden prime” borrowers. These borrowers suffer under-banking or outright financial exclusion. The $multi-billion, established credit scoring industry does not have incentives to address inclusivity, and Trust Science® is now disrupting this industry. This creates very real, very human opportunities for marginalized people to join the modern economy.
10:50 – 11:00 AM Using a Microscope and a Telescope to Make an Impact Through Philanthropy
  Ms. Susan Stern, National Executive Director & CEO, Weizmann Canada
  Building a successful business requires both telescopic and microscopic vision in order to focus on the future while dealing with issues at hand. Today’s philanthropists are also using these two important pieces of equipment to develop their philanthropic blueprint, to identify partnerships that will leverage impact and to make positive advancements. The goal of this presentation is to take a closer look at why both the current and long term perspectives ​are critical and to share examples of significant impact created by Canadian donors in this way.
11:00 – 11:30 AM Coffee Break 
11:30 – 11:45 AM Digital Disruption in Healthcare Investing and the Transformative Role Canada is Playing 
  Mr. Sam Ifergan, Founder & Managing Partner, iGan Partners
  The healthcare sector continues to undergo a unique transformation – from decentralization to aging populations, Mr. Ifergan will discuss the sector’s major disruptive trends and the impact of Canada’s innovative ecosystem on global healthcare investing.
11:45 – 11:55 AM Family Journey to Fulfil Passion for Medical Solutions that Make a Difference
  Ms. Pazit Azulai, Partner & CFO, Katao Venture Partners
  Mr. Sharon Azulai, Managing Partner, Katao Venture Partners
  From Entrepreneurship Through a Family Office to a VC, Pazit and Sharon Azulai Describe How Their Passion For Medical Innovations Drove Them to Support Wellbeing And Create a Better World.
11:55 – 12:05 PM Impact Investment: Tech Investments as a Measure to Fight the Planet Crisis and Rising Inequality
  Ms. Sandrine Montsma, Managing Partner, Bridges Israel
  Israeli Technology Companies that Generate Fantastic Financial Returns While Solving The Biggest Challenges of Our Generation: The Planet Crisis And Rising Inequality.
12:05 – 12:15 PM BrainBox AI: Optimizing HVAC Efficiency with Autonomous AI
  Mr. Jeffrey Kadanoff, Managing Director, Esplanade HealthTech Ventures
  BrainBox AI utilizes self-adapting artificial intelligence technology to proactively optimize one of the world’s largest energy consumers and GHG emitters: buildings. 45% of commercial buildings’ energy consumption comes from HVAC, of which 30% is usually wasted. Using deep learning, cloud-based computing, and our proprietary process, our AI engine autonomously and granularly optimizes existing HVAC systems in real time for maximum impact on energy consumption, carbon footprint and building operations.
12:15 – 12:25 PM Technology Investing in our Current Volatile Markets
  Mr. Richard Nathan, Senior Managing Director, Kensington Capital Partners Limited
  How should investors view the technology sector against the backdrop of continuing market risks? This session will consider the best approach to navigating the tech cycle amidst the uncertainties of new geopolitical risk, the ongoing pandemic and the changing economic environment.
12:25 – 12:35 PM Higher-Return Lower-Risk Non-Correlated Alternative Investment Vehicle – A New Liquid Way To Invest in Start-Ups
  Dr. Paul Russo, Chairman & CEO, Kyto Technology and Life Science, Inc.
  KYTO Technology and Life Science (“KYTO”) is a Silicon Valley-based public investment company that offers global investors the ability to participate in a new, safer, non-correlated and liquid way to invest in the best thoroughly vetted start-ups.  KYTO seeks to create an ETF-like vehicle whose assets are a large number of double-vetted start-ups – 70+ portfolio companies today, 75% in life science. KYTO is diversified by both industry and geography with investments in the US, Canada and Israel. KYTO’s 1st portfolio IPO and two M&A exits have been recently completed.  KYTO is planning to register under the  Investment Company Act of 1940 and then list on NASDAQ in 2022, and currently files 10-K’s and 10-Q’s with the SEC. 
12:35 – 12:45 PM Enabling Transformational Philanthropy
  Ms. Marilyn Anthony, Advisor, Business Development, PearTree Canada
  PearTree’s unique and proven platform enables transformational gifts across Canada at a lower after-tax cost of giving. Learn more about PearTree so you can increase and accelerate your charitable giving. Since 2007, PearTree has completed well over $2 billion in structured financings for donation purposes.
12:45 – 01:00 PM Neurotech-Driven Patient Impact
  Mr. John Clarkson, SVP/COO, Ontario Brain Institute
  The mandate for the Ontario Brain institute is to drive patient-based impact through coordinated research networks, accessible high quality data, and direct outreach to Canadian communities with leading edge brain technologies.  We specialize in the diseases related to your parents and your children and also the most pressing post-COVID issue – mental health.
01:00 – 02:00 PM Lunch
02:00 – 02:30 PM
Estate Planning Pitfalls – Pre and Post Mortem Considerations                                   02:00 – 02:30 PM What’s on the Mind of Canada’s Wealthy (Asset Allocation, Family Estate Planning, Obligations of Wealth)                                    
Mr. Gregory Moore, Partner, Portfolio Manager, Richter Family Office Dr. Enette Pauzé, Chair of Toronto Group 03 – Moderator
Ms. Lyne Gaulin, Partner, Richter LLP                               Mr. Leon Goren, CEO, PEO Leadership; Toronto Chair, TIGER21
Mr. Scott Binns, Partner, Richter LLP Ms. Danielle Saputo, President, Danuto Holdings
  Mr. Howard Atkinson, CEO, Pascal WealthTech
  Mr. Henry Wolfond, BAA, LL.B., Chairman & CEO, Bayshore
Estate Planning is a cumbersome exercise for many families who have significant legacies to consider. Legal, tax, and financial planning all play an important role in ensuring that long-term goals are met. But due to the compound nature of the various elements at play in a comprehensive estate plan, it is easy to fall victim to common pitfalls that can negatively impact an estate transition from one generation to the next. In this panel, our tax and estate planning experts will discuss some of the top areas to consider and how to avoid common mistakes that could derail even the best laid estate plans. This panel will provide an overview on the Wealth Objectives of High-Net-Worth (HNW) individuals / families and highlight their asset allocation (TIGER 21 Members based). We’ll follow up with a panel discussion on estate planning and give you a sense of the obligations of HNW individuals / families and the importance of transferring values and a respect for money to their children and grandchildren.
02:30 – 02:50 PM You Don’t Need Life Insurance…
  Mr. John Hutson, Principal, The Targeted Strategies Group
  This session will recap the reasons why an ultra high net worth family should want life insurance as an asset class even if they do not need it. And importantly discuss the current top 5 issues to be aware of related to acquiring and owning this asset class.
02:50 – 03:05 PM Competitive and Regulatory Landscape Changes Presents New Opportunities in Canadian Private Credit
  Mr. Michael Scott, Principal, SAF Group
  Join SAF Principal, Mike Scott, for an eye-opening discussion on the unique opportunities emerging within the Canadian private credit market.  Mike will explore trends in the private credit space, the developing market opportunity and how SAF is well positioned to generate attractive risk adjusted returns for investors.
03:05 – 03:15 PM Voyager Investment Opportunity – Seize The Drop 
  Mr. Elad Barak, Co-Founder & CEO, Voyager Products Inc.
  Dubbed “the Keurig of cannabis”, Voyager allows consumers to mix any drink with cannabis. This Toronto startup is set to disrupt the way liquid concentrates of medication, sleeping aids, vitamins, supplements, etc are administered. With its innovative patent pending technology and backed by Draper Cygnus, Voyager is set for global success.
03:15 – 03:25 PM Value Creation in Early-Stage Venture Capital
  Mr. Scott Dubin, Director, Investor Relations, ff Venture Capital 
  ff Venture Capital (ffVC) partners with visionary founders to build companies that will influence the behavior of millions. Exclusively focused on early-stage investing since 2008, ffVC has invested in 140 companies, produced $2.9bn in exit value and currently manages a portfolio of 89 companies valued in excess of $15bn. ffVC’s model of high-touch engagement couples domain expertise with operational support to drive outcomes for our portfolio and produce consistent returns for our Limited Partners. This value add approach, being “founder friendly”, has made ffVC one of the best performing early-stage venture capital firms based in New York. 
03:25 – 03:35 PM Seeking the Double Bottom Line: How to be an Impactful Investor without Sacrificing Performance 
  Mr. Peter van der Velden, MBA, MSc, BSc, Managing General Partner, Lumira Ventures
  Wanting to be an impactful investor without sacrificing performance is emerging as core priority for many family offices. The lecture will focus on highlighting investing in innovative healthcare as a unique alternative asset class for getting the best of being impactful while realizing outstanding financial performance.
03:35 – 03:55 PM Is this Canadian Growth Equity’s Time to Shine?
  Mr. Sanjiv Samant, Managing Partner, Round13 Capital
  Mr. Bruce Croxon, Managing Partner, Round13 Capital
  How has the technology ecosystem in Canada evolved over the years ? Despite global uncertainty, why does the Canadian technology sector remain a bastion of stability and growth ?  How can a later stage growth equity portfolio help better diversify portfolio allocation with compelling risk adjusted returns?
03:55 – 04:05 PM The Future of Accounting is Automated
  Mr. Guy Vadish, Founder & CEO, Artiffex Inc.
  We believe investment accounting and reporting should be automated. Artiffex’s secure, cloud-based platform ingests unstructured financial data regardless of the source and permits users to easily reconcile and report across all their accounting and wealth management needs. Faster and more accurate than traditional bookkeeping, Artiffex helps accounting firms and family offices stay competitive by unlocking access to innovative wealth management solutions.
04:05 – 04:25 PM Keynote Speech: The Future with Digital Health
  Dr. Sheldon Elman, Founder of Medisys Health Group, Persistence Capital Partners and Esplanade HealthTech Ventures
  Digital Health: What is it and how will it impact our lives? How will we use it and how can we benefit from it – medically and financially?
 04:25 – 04:45 PM
Arts: A Discussion with Photorealism Artist Yigal Ozeri    04:25 – 04:45 PM Impact Philanthropy Panel                                                         
Mr. Yigal Ozeri, Artist Ms. Monette Malewski, President & CEO, M Bacal Group – Moderator
Mr. Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC Finance – Moderator Dr. Nava Michael Tsabari, Founder & Director, The Raya Strauss Center for Family Business Research at the Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University
  Dr. Nir Tsuk, Founder & Director, New York University’s Institute for Impact and Intrapreneurship
 An intimate discussion with world renowned photo realistic artist Yigal Ozeri; join us as we discuss art, life, and inspiration. New York City based Israeli artist Yigal Ozeri is best known for his large-scale cinematic portraits of distinctive young women in rich prodigious landscapes. With tinges of Pre-Raphaelite aesthetics, Ozeri brings an ethereal and uninhibited sensibility to his paintings. His portraits denote art historical foundations in romanticism, while also offering contemporary notions of sensual femininity. If impact is indeed “the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another” and philanthropy is “the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes” – then the relatively new term impact philanthropy is about using the former in order to better do the latter. In other words: how to improve – but more so… The key question for impact philanthropy therefore is not “what,” but “how” – how to achieve optimal results? How to reach higher? How to give (or is it actually invest?) in the best way? And then how to measure the outcomes? As always, such heavy “what” questions are being followed by an equally relevant “who” questions: who is to decide? Who is to measure? Whose responsibility is it, and whose impact??
04:45 – 05:05 PM A Fireside Chat with Mr. Anthony Di Iorio
  Mr. Anthony Di Iorio, Co-Founder, Ethereum; Founder & CEO, Decentral Inc. & Jaxx
  Mr. Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC Finance – Moderator
  Join this discussion with one of Canada’s most innovative entrepreneurs on: life, entrepreneurship, blockchain and everything in between.
05:15 – 06:15 PM Cocktail Reception