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Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

The Carlu, Toronto

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The 2020 Canadian Family Office Online Conference – Part II


12:00 – 12:05 PMWelcome and Opening Remarks: Mr. Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC Finance
12:05 – 12:55 PMThe State of Technology Businesses and Investments
 Mr. Adam Saskin, Partner, Fasken – Moderator
 Mr. Dov Moran, Entrepreneur, Inventor of the USB Flash Drive, and Managing Partner, Grove Ventures 
 Mr. Philip Cutler, Chief Executive Officer, PAPER
 Mr. Lawrence Wagenberg, Partner, SilverTech Ventures 
 Mr. Liran Grinberg, Managing Partner, Team8 Capital 
This panel, consisting of speakers who are experts in their field, will discuss the current state of technology businesses and investments.
12:55 – 01:15 PM

Alternative Fixed Income: The Benefits of a Diversified and Well Implemented Program 


Mr. Paul Sandhu, President & CEO, Marret Asset Management Inc.

01:15 – 02:00 PMOur Societal Impact and Ethics of AI
 Mr. Mark Minevich, Chair & Co-Founder, Digital Pioneers Network, and President, Going Global Ventures – Moderator 
Ms. Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head, AI & Machine Learning, World Economic Forum
Mr. Sylvain DurantonGlobal Leader BCG GAMMA, and Managing Director & Senior Partner, BCG
This panel will disucss how AI can be a driver to democratize, shape and deliver positive societal impact and accelerate a sustainable future for all, understand the unintended consequences and long-term effects of the AI systems that we create. The panelists will also talk about responsible AI as a core economic, strategic and competitive positioning to deal with bias and fairness. 
02:00 – 02:10 PMSmart Philanthropy 
Mr. Joshua Rubin, Philanthropic Advisor, The Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal
02:10 – 02:30 PMMarket overview with Scotia Wealth Management
Mr. Andy Nasr, Chief Investment Officer, Scotia Wealth Management
 Mr. Jacques Maurice, Director, Wealth Management, Scotia Wealth Management
02:30 – 03:20 PMLessons Learned in a Family Business, Then, Now and What Lies Ahead
 Mr. Philippe III de Gaspé Beaubien, CEO and Chairman T Investissemen Corp.,Serial Entrepreneur 
Mr. François de Gaspé Beaubien, Chairman & CEO, Zoom Media; 
Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, Hivestack
 Fourteen generations distilled into 30 minutes; A no holds barred conversation between two brothers who work together (and invest in each other’s companies).