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Tudor Morosan

Founder, Axomath Research Inc

Tudor has built a career as a leader in data science and AI, specialized on their applications within the financial sector. As the former Chief Data and Analytics Officer at the Bank of Montreal in Financial Crimes, he spearheaded the adoption of AI technologies to combat cyber threats and financial fraud. Prior to this role, he led the data science team at Nasdaq’s AI Lab in Boston, where he developed pioneering AI models and solutions that enhanced market prediction, investment decisions, behavioral analysis, market surveillance, and risk management.

Earlier in his career, Tudor was at the helm of the Solutions and Research department at the Toronto Stock Exchange, overseeing the design of two generations of trading engines.

Currently, he serves as a fractional executive, offering technical leadership to startups and collaboration with academic research units through Axomath Research Inc, the AI consulting firm he founded. He holds numerous patents in areas such as artificial intelligence, high-speed data processing, and systems reliability.

Tudor earned a PhD with a focus on algorithms for modeling and holds degrees in mathematics and electronics engineering. An active contributor to the field, he is a frequent panelist and speaker on artificial intelligence topics.

He is working on authoring two books, “AI for Everybody” and “AI and the Future”, aiming to demystify AI and explore its societal impacts.