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Sanjay Singhal

Founder & Executive Director

Sanjay Singhal is a Canadian entrepreneur, author, and venture capitalist, widely recognized for founding, a pioneering service in the digital audio realm, which he sold in 2016. He then got into venture capital as General Partner for 500 Startups Canada, a fund dedicated to supporting innovative Canadian tech startups.

Beyond his business achievements, Sanjay has authored the memoir “Zero to Tesla,” chronicling his journey from startup to success and the lessons learned along the way. His entrepreneurial spirit also led him to open Coffee Oysters Champagne, a unique bar experience in downtown Toronto.

In a bold move to contribute to mental health solutions, Sanjay launched the Nikean Foundation, which supports groundbreaking research in psychedelics and novel therapeutic techniques.

Sanjay’s personal struggles and triumphs, including overcoming bankruptcy and managing his bipolar diagnosis, are candidly shared in his engaging newsletter, “Sanjay Says.”

Sanjay is based in Toronto, Canada, where he lives with his wife, three children, and two dogs, none of whom are impressed by his resume.