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Rebecca Nicholson

Advisor & Executive Director

Rebecca Nicholson currently leads as the Executive Director of Atman Retreats & Resorts and has spent many years in the health and wellness industry as a practitioner, facilitator, CEO, investor and founder. She has extensive experience working with top international companies, CEOs and founders including Dimensions Retreats, Holos, Kuya, Othership and Beckley Retreats. She is dedicated to supporting company growth, business development, vision execution and a healthy corporate culture. She specializes in fostering strong partnerships, relationships and strategic operating plans.

Rebecca is a sought-after public speaker, panelist and moderator. As a bridge-builder, she connects diverse perspectives to drive positive change in transformative industries. As a founding member of Celebrating Women in Psychedelics, she exemplifies commitment to both advancing her field and promoting impact, ethics, diversity and opportunities for women.