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Francis Dion

Serial Entrepreneur

Francis Dion is a serial entrepreneur with a keen interest in the impact of technology on society.

A self-confessed geek, he started “thinking about thinking” at age 10 and has since been actively building systems that help people make better decisions. A graduate from Université du Québec, he completed the Entrepreneurship Development Program at MIT and has been operationally involved with 25 startup ventures.

As founder and CEO of Xpertdoc, Francis Dion has led the company to 40% year-over-year growth for 10 consecutive years, expanded the company to 800 clients worldwide and navigated a successful, 8-figure exit. He is known for his deep knowledge in workflows and document management systems, having worked with large clients including Standard & Poor’s, PSP Investments, the Lloyds of London, AON and the Credit Union National Association.

Francis Dion is also a patent holder for a method and system for producing documents by combining advanced computations with operator inputs.

Francis is a visionary leader with a strong work ethic. Known for his authenticity and passion for simplifying business processes, he is praised for his motivational and human-centric approach to management, his ability to inspire and mentor others, and his commitment to delivering value to all stakeholders. His feedback and support have been instrumental in the career growth of many, making him a highly appreciated and inspiring figure in the industry.

His newest venture, Strategic Thinking Systems (STS), is a platform for AI and humans to collaborate on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) challenges and opportunities. STS leverages cutting-edge technology, data, and insights to help organizations and individuals make better decisions, drive positive impact, and achieve their goals.

He is currently working on a book titled “Leading change in the age of AI”.