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Connor Patterson

Vice President, Asset Management, KEILTY

KEILTY’s highly accomplished team of real estate professionals has managed over $1.2 billion in real estate, celebrating their 20th anniversary in November 2023. Connor Patterson serves as Vice President of Asset Management, where he builds teams, brands, and investment platforms in underserved Canadian markets. He leads investment management, acquisitions, and asset management.

Connor’s passion for entrepreneurship began during his BPHE degree at Queen’s University. Since joining KEILTY in 2014, he has grown through various roles and leadership opportunities within the firm. He holds several certifications, including CPM from REIC and IREM, as well as Condominium Director Training from CAO.

A lifelong learner and sports fan, Connor enjoys mentoring and coaching. His leadership has helped KEILTY deliver a 25% IRR and 2.5x equity multiple. He now spearheads KEILTY‘s franchise partnership with Tommy’s Express® Car Wash, expanding modern car washes in Ontario and Eastern Canada, continuing to drive KEILTY‘s success and industry impact.