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Adithya Rao

Investment Director, SCALE AI

Currently serving as the Investment Director at SCALE AI, Adithya is dedicated to helping Canadian organizations unlock the power of AI. This role involves shaping the future of their value chains with a focus on creating business impact by leveraging domain expertise.

He has been a leading figure in transforming supply chains for 15 years, leveraging digital transformation and artificial intelligence to make a significant impact. With extensive knowledge in international logistics, the automotive sector, and industrial products, Adithya has a track record of delivering both visionary leadership and tangible results.

Previously, as the head of the supply chain Go-To-Market team at Amazon Web Services, Adithya has developed several innovative solutions that unlocked significant business performance. This includes creating a freight pricing AI solution for a major international shipping company worth $3 billion and advising numerous C-suite leaders on adopting AI-first growth strategies. He is also deeply involved in investing and nurturing a thriving AI-driven supply chain ecosystem in Canada. An industrial engineer from Ecole Des Mines De Nantes, France – Adithya’s work is driven by his passion for growth and innovation, making him a key player in the field of supply chain transformation and technology.