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Adam Bekhor

Vice President, T.R.L. Investments Limited

Adam Bekhor currently serves as the Vice President of T.R.L. Investments Limited (“T.R.L.”), a family office with a rich heritage and diversified investment portfolio encompassing real estate, public equities, private equity, and direct investments in small to medium-sized businesses. Adam represents the third generation involved in T.R.L., continuing a legacy of strategic investment and business growth.

Since joining T.R.L.  in 2015, Adam has developed an expertise in real estate and financial services, focusing on the needs of the family business across various sectors and industries. His role at T.R.L. involves identifying and nurturing promising investment opportunities while managing portfolio risk. He works diligently on behalf of his family to ensure that each investment aligns with the company’s overall financial goals, focusing on sustainability and long-term value.

Prior to joining T.R.L., Adam had a decade of experience in consumer and commercial banking at CIBC and completed his Master of Business Administration degree from the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto.