“Hi Denny,  Many thanks for today. One of the best family office events that I have attended in a long time. The Richter Seminar was very well received. Your personal story was most moving. You have a unique talent. Keep up the great work with your Team!  You are a rockstar! “

Gerry Fields, President and General Counsel, CORNERSTONE GROUP , Nov 2019

“We ended up being much more successful in fundraising at the event than I would have expected.  We raised nearly $200,000 from folks we met at your event that day.  There are others who have wanted to invest more than $1,000,000 but we had to turn them away because we were not raising that much. So it was a big success for us…… Given our success, we would absolutely love to get more involved in future DC finance events and sponsor future events and get involved in your organization”

Dooma Wendschuh, Province Brands of Canada, Sponsor

“Hi Denny and team, A big thank you from PwC to you and your team.  The initial reactions to the conference that we’ve heard are all quite positive.  As you noted, there aren’t other events like this one and there is absolutely a great opportunity here.  In the next couple weeks, we’ll be putting together our feedback and would be happy to share that with you”

Quillan Quarringon,  Senior Manager, Private Company Services, PwC 

“I thought the conference was great. I don’t know how it compares with other first-time events in other cities, but as a stand-alone conference it seemed well attended, full of good content and the audience seemed well engaged.”

Dooma Wendschuh, Province Brands of Canada

“Denny, it would be my pleasure.

With the DC Finance events, Province Brands of Canada has been able to meet incredibly high quality investors.  We actually met our largest institutional investor through one of the events!  We have never had such a positive experience as we have had at DC Finance.

I’m putting some thought into your recommendations request and will get back to you on that piece.

Mr. Jeremy Freedman, President, Chiefsrule Consulting Corporation

 “Great conference, positive feedback”

Adam Carlson, Managing Director, Senior Equity Research Analyst, Healthcare & Life Sciences, AltaCorp Capital

 “Congrats on a successful event. The feedback I’ve received from our guests who attended was positive and I also enjoyed the day”

Ori Mandowsky, Vice President, Client Wealth Management, Gluskin Sheff

I am happy to state, that the conference on November 05,2018 was of high quality, excellent speakers and topics. I would like to attend any future conferences. Thanks. Kind regards,  Vaclav”

Vaclav Smula, Rogers Communications”

“Great conference. Thank you”

Arin Minasians, TD Wealth Private Client Services

“Great Conference- Much better then I expected.”

Mark Finkelstein,  Tivona Capital







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