Ms. Patricia Saputo, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D, TEP, DTax

Ms. Patricia Saputo, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D, TEP, DTax

Certified Wealth Transition Coach and Financial Coach

Growing up with the “SAPUTO” name was both a blessing and a challenge for Patricia: a blessing because the name was very reputable in the province of Quebec, and a challenge because people just assumed that coming from a successful and wealthy family, life was easy and full of opportunities. The family business did a great job in branding the name “SAPUTO!”

Inspired by her parents, Francesco and Lia Saputo, who emphasized that education is very important and a path to render one self-reliant and have the ability not to be taken advantage of by others. With that advice, she became a CPA, and then recognized by her peers as a “Fellow”, attaining the designation as a FCPA, FCA in recognition of her contribution to enhancing the visibility, reputation and credibility of the accounting profession. She furthered her education in taxation, in Estate and Succession planning and in becoming a corporate director. This allowed her to be recognized for her own accomplishments, as a professional. It is what distinguishes her as a person and provides her with a professional career that she is very proud of. These designations have helped her gain the multidisciplinary knowledge and have governed her career and her ability to educate others.

Being a woman in a man’s world had never stopped her from moving forward and proving to be a leader in her own right. She wanted to be a role model for other women in the profession, the business world and the community.

Her career at Deloitte in the Tax department came to an end when Saputo Inc. went public in 1997. As a qualified family member with a CPA designation and having had experience at Deloitte added to the reasons why she was asked to join the Board of Directors of Saputo Inc. At that time, she was at a crossroad in her career and she chose the path that allowed her to manage the patrimony of her immediate family. A new journey had begun for her. She had pioneered the startup of the “Single Family Office” in 1998. She quickly realized after having her own family that her work life and family life meshed into one, as what she did in the Family Office was in the best interest and for the benefit of her entire immediate family. It allowed her to combine all her areas of expertise in the domain of investment holding companies, personal and corporate tax, and Estate/Succession planning which includes investment planning, will planning and life insurance planning. The Family Office further developed into the areas of family governance, managing wealth as it is transitioned to future generation so they become responsible stewards of their own wealth.

This allowed her to pioneer and help launch the “Family Wealth Program” both at Concordia University and at Queen’s University. The programs offered engaging discussions, lectures and interactive workshops on the challenges and opportunities facing those who receive, manage and transfer private wealth. The comprehensive programs developed the soft issues of dealing with wealth in a family environment. Experts in this area helped participants of all generations develop fundamental skills for overseeing the successful preservation, management, growth and transition of family wealth.

As a lifelong learner and a believer that education is a never-ending process: a process for the betterment of oneself, one’s family and for continued improvement of communities around us, she truly enjoys educating others. It is for this reason that she pursued the coaching designation so she may truly ask individuals the questions necessary for them to reach deep inside to find the answers that will help them understand their purpose and thus better able to pursue their own passions.

Thoughout her life, she was capable of extending herself outside her comfort zone. She did so often that it became a natural process for her that she started to feel comfortable outside her comfort zone. It is then that she realized it was her own self-confidence and her leadership skills that allowed her to be passionate about her multidisciplinary skills. With passion and purpose, she started to become generous in sharing her time and knowledge, not for financial gain, but for her personal goal to keep learning. She has given much of her time to charitable organizations, namely to Concordia University’s Pension Plan and Foundation, and the McGill University Health Center (MUHC) Foundation. She also sits on a variety of Advisory boards for Westcourt Capital Corporation, Imperial Capital, Area One Farms, New Emerging Market Opportunities and now with Vision Opportunities. She is also a relentless advocate of family governance and a regular guest speaker at a number of national and international forums for organizations such as the Business Family Foundation, Concordia University and Campden Wealth Forum to name a few.

Recently married to Angelo Caparelli, they enjoy dancing and travelling. She is also the proud mother of three boys, Francesco (1996), Lorenzo (1998) and Tommaso (2005).