Mr. Sharon J. Fraenkel

Mr. Sharon J. Fraenkel

Executive Director, Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University

Sharon J. Fraenkel (SJF) is the Executive Director of Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University for Ottawa, Quebec and Atlantic Canada (CFTAU).

Tel Aviv University (TAU) is Israel’s largest and most comprehensive institution of higher learning and research, where interdisciplinary collaboration is a core value of its academic culture. As part of a global network of Friends’ Associations, CFTAU facilitates academic and research partnerships between Canada and Israel, establishes scholarships, cultivates student and faculty exchanges, recruits Canadian students to participate in the TAU International Program, coordinates a Canadian TAU Alumni Network and most importantly, develops interesting philanthropic opportunities to support TAU and its activities financially.

In his role as the “Canadian face” of TAU, Sharon has earned the respect of his peers as an effective leader with international experience in hospitality, events, volunteer management and financial resource development. He has a keen ability to diagnose key issues facing development organizations today and offers creative solutions through listening to, and valuing, divergent perspectives. His work ethic, dedication, and commitment to integrity at all levels enables him to build lasting relationships and engage others towards achieving their goals. SJF’s trademark is his passion and commitment.

Known as a “change-maker”, SJF has reshaped the landscape of Israeli-based organization representation in Montreal and Eastern Canada. He has an entrepreneurial mindset and drive to proactively find non-traditional solutions for revenue generation, as evidenced by his ability to leverage the challenges posed by the pandemic and turning them into remarkable giving opportunities. SJF’s strength lies in his detailed results-oriented approach and in his strong negotiation skills.

Prior to joining CFTAU, SJF spent 14 years with some of the world’s most prominent companies, including Hilton International, Cirque du Soleil, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and Le Royal Meridien King Edward Hotel. In 2005, he joined Concordia University as the University’s inaugural Director of Events, overseeing close to 150 functions annually. During his almost decade-long tenure with the University's friend- and fundraising arm, SJF was promoted twice, to achieve the position of Director, Alumni Relations, Events and Sponsorships. In this role, SJF was fortunate to work collaboratively among many talented and diverse individuals; professionals, academics, students, volunteers and donors alike.