Mr. Erich Schwenker

Mr. Erich Schwenker

President, Cardinal Capital Management, Inc.

Erich Schwenker is president of Cardinal Capital Management, Inc. and has 40 years of real estate development and management experience.

Erich leads the development team and oversees business operations, including asset and property management. Under Erich's leadership, Cardinal Capital and its affiliates have acquired, developed, financed, and manage 8,500 plus units of affordable housing on behalf of various non-profits.

In partnership with its various non-profit clients, Cardinal Capital has developed housing with features and amenities that address the needs of Veterans, Homeless, Deaf and Deaf-Blind, Vision Loss and Impairment, Substance Abuse, and Persons Recovering from Mental Illness.

Erich has a particular interest in Special Needs and Supportive Housing and has recently expanded Cardinal Capital's diverse housing portfolio to include market rate housing.