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Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

The Carlu, Toronto

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The 2024 Toronto Family Office Conference


08:00 – 09:00 AMNetworking Breakfast 
09:00 – 09:10 AMOpening Remarks
Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC Finance
Nick Bakish, Founding Partner, Group RMC  –  Conference Moderator
09:10 – 09:30 AMFireside Chat: Investing with Principle
Miles S. Nadal, Founder, Peerage Capital Group
Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC Finance – Moderator
Peerage Capital is a family office with extensive holdings in the North American luxury residential re-sale business, as well as the storage and wealth management sectors. Founder and Executive Chair, Miles Nadal, adheres to a principle-based approach to selecting the entrepreneurial partners who drive growth. He believes that those who are truly passionate about their business will ultimately succeed through every market cycle.
09:30 – 09:40 AMInvesting in Blockchain Opportunities (not Crypto)
Paul Rajchgod, Managing Director, Ayre Ventures
Ayre Ventures is among the largest utility blockchain-focused venture capital groups. Investing in high-growth blockchain opportunities – not ‘crypto’ – is our main focus. We will discuss what this means and our approach to investing in blockchain.
09:40 – 09:50 AMUsing ETFs like an Institutional Investor
Bobby Eng, CIMA®, Senior Vice President, Head of Platform & Institutional ETF Distribution, Franklin Templeton Canada
Institutional investors use Exchange Traded Funds in a variety of different investment strategies. This session will cover the most used ETF strategies institutional investors employ and how these valuable tools can support portfolio construction and asset allocation for family offices and high net worth investors.
09:50 – 10:05 AMIs Investment Planning Realistically Possible Anymore?   
David Newman, Regional Head, Central Canada, Letko Brosseau
With the world changing so rapidly, can financial forecasters accurately predict what the future holds?  How do you invest for future generations in such a volatile world? Letko Brosseau offers timeless principles to consider for long term success.
10:05 – 10:15 AMExpress Car Washes are Rolling into Canada
Connor Patterson, Vice President, Asset Management, KEILTY
This session introduces one of Canada’s most exciting, emerging alternative real estate investments, express car washes. Poised for significant growth and institutional attention, this session will explore proven strategies, market insights, and compelling opportunities to invest in developing the express car wash market in Canada.
10:15 – 10:35 AMThe Real Estate Panel
Jacob Iftah, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Kin Capital Partners – Moderator
Rafael Lazer, Chief Executive Officer, Almadev
Liam Sauro, Partner, Lee Chow Group
Adam Bekhor, Vice President, T.R.L. Investments Limited
In this session, we’ll be discussing family offices’ views and allocation of real estate within their portfolios and their strategic approach toward risk-adjusted returns across the various asset classes and positions in the cap-table.
10:35 – 11:05 AMCoffee Break 
11:05 – 11:25 AMFireside Chat: Wealth Owners Can Lead in The Decarbonization Transition 
Olivier Desmarais, Businessman & Philanthropist
Joanna Klimczak, Regional Director Canada, CREO Syndicate – Moderator
Fireside chat about the immense opportunity Family Principals have to accelerate the decarbonization transition and enhance our future economy. 
11:25 – 11:35 AMNext-Gen Real Estate: Harnessing the Power of Medical Outpatient Buildings to unlock Multi-Family Real Estate Value
Dr. Greg Appelt, President & Founder, Appelt Properties
The lecture will explore the current state of medical real estate and the multi-family rental situation in Canada and will explore the unique intersect as well as synergy between these two demographically backed asset classes.
11:35 – 11:45 AMA Score to Settle – Behind the Scenes with Credit Bureau 2.0 and its Award Winning, ESG-Forward Mission that Rights a $Multi-Trillion Wrong
Evan Chrapko, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Trust Science
This lecture will cover “credit invisibles” or “hidden prime” borrowers. These borrowers suffer under-banking or outright financial exclusion. The $multi-billion, established credit scoring industry does not have incentives to address inclusivity, and Trust Science® is now disrupting this industry. This creates very real, very human opportunities for marginalized people to join the modern economy.
11:45 – 11:55 AMTransforming the Housing Crisis into Opportunity  
Judi Paré, President & CEO, Plentitude Inc.
In the face of financial adversity and a failing marriage, Judi navigated the complexities of homeownership as a single mother of three. From the distress of being on the brink of homelessness, she fought relentlessly to provide stability for her family. This journey of resilience and determination fuels her commitment to championing affordable and senior housing initiatives for those facing similar challenges.
11:55 – 12:15 PMNocor
Phil Neuman, Founder, Nocor
Please join serial entrepreneur Phil Neuman as he introduces his new fund NOCOR which excels in strategically acquiring and liquidating premium “non-correlated” assets like fine art, wine, and luxury watches, among other unique investments. The fund is currently seeking investment through a private placement of short-term to long-term notes, offering extremely competitive rates and terms that adapt to market conditions. 
12:15 – 12:35 PMWhat’s next? Building a Legacy from your Legacy
David Homan, CEO, Orchestrated Connecting, LLC – Moderator
Cory Janssen, Co-Founder, Investopedia; Co-Founder & Co-CEO, AltaML
Zabi Yaqeen, Founder & President, Muuvment
Alan Greenberg, Investor, Developer & Manager of Residential Real Estate
Success is relative, and building from your success and legacy even harder because infusing your passions and purpose with new endeavors, and actively putting your time and capital into leading projects comes with inherent risks. Join three experienced leaders in how they navigated their early successes into supporting mission driven companies.
12:35 – 01:35 PMLunch
01:35 – 01:40 PMIntroduction to the Family Office Circle
Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC Finance
01:40 – 02:00 PMCrypto, AI, and Psychedelics – The Three Great Forces of Change Today; A Fireside Chat with Dmitry Buterin + Elliott Bayev
Elliott Bayev, Investor, Systems-Thinker & Author – Moderator
Dmitry Buterin, Entrepreneur
The world is changing rapidly, influenced by the rise of new technologies and new paradigms. Hear Dmitry Buterin in conversation with Elliott Bayev as they unpack three of the most impactful recent technological and cultural developments including the rise of crypto, AI, and the growing popularity of psychedelics.
02:00 – 02:25 PMThe Future of Health and Wellness
Rebecca Nicholson, Advisor & Executive Director – Moderator
Sanjay Singhal, Founder & Executive Director
Nicholas Reichenbach, Founder, Evolver Ventures Inc and Flow Beverage Corp
This panel will discuss the importance of investing in health, wellness and psychedelics for personal growth, connection and business success.
02:25 – 02:55 PMMoney, Time & Impact
Sara Crown Star, Venture Partner, FemHealth Ventures; Director, Crown Family Foundation
What you do that’s important to you can be an inspiration to others, including to your family business. Join Sara Crown Star to consider how your resources, passion or time can help others make an impact in their lives.
02:55 – 03:15 PMThe Consequences of Hate and Trauma
Dina Wachtel, Vice President for Community Affairs, The Canadian Friends of Hebrew University – Moderator
Dr. Ayelet Kuper, Associate Professor, the Department of Medicine, the University of Toronto
Prof. Asher Ben-Arieh, Dean of the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Join us for a compelling panel discussion featuring two distinguished experts who integrate academic activism with interdisciplinary approaches in their respective fields. Prof.  Asher Ben Arieh, a world-renowned authority on children’s wellness, will discuss innovative practices in treating trauma among children in unique circumstances. Dr. Ayelet Kuper, an Internist MD and Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, will address the provocative question: Can doctors feel and express hate toward a social minority? This session promises to offer insightful perspectives on complex issues that impact our society today.
03:15 – 03:50 PMHarnessing AI for Transformational Change 
Mark Minevich, President & Founding Partner, Going Global Ventures – Moderator
Tudor Morosan, Founder, Axomath Research Inc
Tina Chakrabarty, Global VP – Head of Data & AI Governance, Sanofi Pharmaceuticals
Francis Dion, Serial Entrepreneur
Adithya Rao, Investment Director, SCALE AI
This panel brings together top experts to discuss the transformative impact of AI, strategies for risk mitigation, innovative adoption and growth approaches, and the role of regulations and governance in shaping AI development. Industry leaders will explore the best practices for supporting startups aimed at long-term success.